How To Refer

Your patients will be appointed timely access to initial consultations and initiation of cancer treatments

For Complex or Urgent Referrals

Dr Adam Boyce, Dr James Bull, Dr Amy Scott and Dr Mark Flower welcome personal contact from their referring doctors. They can be contacted directly through the office on 02 6622 1865 or on their mobile phones.

Refer to an Oncologist

You can refer a patient for an initial consultation via the following:

  • Referral letter: please send a referral letter with the patient’s medical history, current symptoms, and results of any relevant tests including histology/pathology/radiology reports. We receive incoming correspondence via Healthlink (edi: oncnorth) Medical Objects, fax or email
  • Referral template: Referral Template Use the referral and checklist template provided, indicating which oncologist your patient is being referred to, and fax or email it to Oncology North Coast

All new patient referrals are triaged by the oncologist before an appointment is allocated for your patient.

The oncologist will respond to the new referral within 1-3 working days. Your patients will be notified about an appointment time by phone and sent a pre-appointment letter by mail.

The oncologist will correspond with you via regular letters and will contact you if your patient does not attend their initial appointment.