More Treatment options in HR positive and HER2 negative Breast Cancer 

14 August 2023
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This month the Therapeutics Goods Administration ( TGA) has approved a new indication for the cancer treatment sacituzumab govitecan (also known as Trodelvy). This approval has opened up new treatment options outside of standard chemotherapy for patients with hormone receptor ( HR) positive and HER2 negative breast cancer.

 Trodelvy is a type of treatment called an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that is designed to work differently than traditional chemotherapy. It is designed to deliver powerful anticancer medicine (govitecan) directly into cells after the antibody sacituzumab binds with Trop-2 proteins. Scientists discovered that patients with certain types of cancer have tumour cells that often contain more Trop-2 protein than normal cells (or noncancer cells). Trodelvy binds to cells with Trop-2 over expression.

 Recent clinical trials have reported benefits of Trodelvy for this indication and these include significant improvement in overall survival and a manageable safety profile with low incidence of discontinuation because of adverse events. The major adverse events encountered are diarrhoea and low white blood cell levels.

 Right now, if you and your oncologist decide that Trodelvy is a good choice for you there is a cost share program from the drug company that may help with the costs. At present Trodelvy is not listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme ( PBS) for this indication.