Committed to exceptional cancer care, guided by our core values of compassion, integrity, teamwork, and innovation

History of Patient Focused Care

In 2005, Dr Adam Boyce established the first private oncology service in the area, providing cancer care to rural locations including Lismore, Grafton and Ballina. 

In 2010, Dr James Bull established his private oncology practice with the medical service company Oncology North Coast.  

In 2015, an award-winning oncology practice was established in East Lismore, locally owned and purpose built to benefit our local people with cancer and the community of cancer carers.    

In 2016, Dr Amy Scott established her private oncology practice with Oncology North Coast. 

Over its 18 years of service to the community, Oncology North Coast has had the pleasure of providing practice support to numerous other medical specialists and allied health professionals. 

Our values

Ensuring every patient experiences a relaxed and caring environment when they are accessing their oncology consultations


Treating patients with kindness, empathy and respect


Providing accurate information and following all administrative and clinical guidelines in patient care


A culture of collaboration, communication and mutual support


Constantly improving with new knowledge and applying it in all aspects of our patient care

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Our team

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Let us help you with your patient journey

First Visit

We are here to support you. Your oncologist will work to understand your diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan that is right for you.

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Understanding Cancer Treatments

Learn about chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy- the treatments for cancer - from an oncologist.

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Starting Chemotherapy

Starting treatment can be tough. The oncologists and specialist cancer care nurses are here to support you. Learn about tips to take care of yourself.

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Follow-Up Care

Your oncologist will work together with you to monitor your progress, your concerns, and adjust your treatment plan as needed. Close follow up care provides the best outcomes.

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