Telehealth Consultations

Providing equitable cancer services to our rural and remote communities

Telehealth consultations allow patients to receive consultations remotely using video conferencing technology or via telephone. This can be particularly beneficial as it allows patients to receive medical care and advice without having to travel to a medical practice.

Telehealth consultations are now covered by Medicare. Patients will receive a Medicare rebate and a reduction in out-of-pocket expenses for the consultation.

Some other benefits of telehealth consultations include:

  • Increased convenience: Patients can receive consultations from the comfort of their own home, which can be especially beneficial for those who are elderly, have mobility issues, or live in rural or remote areas.
  • Reduced risk of exposure to infections: Avoiding in-person visits to a medical practice will reduce patient risk of exposure to infections such as COVID-19.
  • Better continuity of care: Telehealth consultations can allow patients to receive more frequent and consistent follow-up care from their oncologists.

Telehealth consultations are not suitable for all situations and some cases may still require physical examination. Discuss with your oncologist to find out if telehealth consultation is suitable for you.